Tom Helmel Lake

All things water!

Our 4-acre stocked lake is available 24/7 for members of the club.  Members are also welcome to use the campgrounds and grills that surround the lake.  Please be courteous and pick up after yourself when using these facilities.

FAQ- Lake & Fishing

No.  You must be a member or be accompanied by a member of the club to fish the lake.

Yes.  Each person wanting to fish the lake must have a valid license.

Yes.  You are expected to follow the size and quantity limits set by the KY Dept of Fish and Wildlife.

Some small boats are allowed; but nothing with a gas engine.

No.  Swimming and wading are prohibited.

Tom Helmel Lake Rules

  • ALL KY Fish and Wildlife laws and regulations are to be followed while fishing unless noted below. You DO need a fishing license.
  • NO guns may be discharged into lake or from the lake shore.
  • NO swimming or wading at any time.
  • If the lake is frozen the lake is closed, NO skating, ice fishing, walking on, driving on, etc.
  • Frogs may NOT be taken.
  • NO jug, trotline, limb line or set line fishing.
  • NO minnows are allowed.
  • FCSC members and their immediate family (members spouse and minor children only) can fish at any time unless lake is closed.
  • ONLY FCSC members may keep fish.
  • ONLY 5 guests may fish at one time per dues paying membership.
  • Lake is CLOSED during general monthly meetings and work days.
  • During trap shooting events the campground and the clubhouse side of the lake is CLOSED.
  • During 3-D archery shoots from the warning signs to the back (side opposite of dam) of the lake is CLOSED.
  • NO driving around lake.
  • Camp fires can only be made in the fire ring, must always be attended and be completely extinguished before leaving area.
  • Boats, canoes, rubber rafts and kayaks with electric trolling motors are permitted for use. Gas powered engines may NOT be used.
  • Trailered boats may only be launched from boat ramp.
  • Any person on Tom Helmel lake in a boat, kayak, canoe, etc. must wear a life jacket while on the water.
  • Pick up your trash. The club grounds are maintained by VOLUNTEERS of Fern Creek Sportsman’s Club help keep YOUR club clean.
  • There is a fish cleaning station for members use, do not use the picnic tables to clean fish.
    1. The cleaning station is to be used only for fish caught on FCSC property.
    2. Dispose of fish carcasses in the hole in the cleaning station.
    3. Clean the station after using.
  • ANY member of FCSC may check size and creel of fish kept.
  • Bow fishing is allowed by members only and you must keep any fish landed. If this puts you in violation of any size or creel limits that is your fault.
  • The following size and daily creel limits DIFFER from KY state regulations and are in place until 8/1/2018 for Tom Helmel Lake
    1. Largemouth Bass
      1. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife has determined Tom Helmel lake to be over populated to help correct this the following limits are in place.
        • Creel limit of 10
        • A protected slot limit of 12” to 18” is in place, any largemouth bass caught in this size range must be immediately released.
        • Only 1 largemouth bass over the size of 18” may be kept.
      2. Bluegill and Red Ear Sunfish (Shellcracker)
        1. Aggregate limit of 15 all of which must be over 6 inches in length.
      3. Catfish
        1. Four catfish all of which must be over 14 inches in length.
      4. Grass Carp
        1. One grass carp that must be over 3 feet in length.
      5. All other size and creel limits are the same as in the KY State Fishing Guide.
  • It is the responsibility of the member to keep abreast of any changes to rules. The large signs posted are for attention and only a summary. These rules can be modified at any time by Fern Creek Sportsman’s Club to meet changing needs. Updated rules will be posted at the campground, in the club house and at Check for new postings before using lake/campground.
  • Any violations of these rules can/will lead to your dismissal from FCSC.