How to join the club.

We get this question all the time. Here is the scoop.

Fern Creek Sportsman’s Club is like a tight-knit family, currently counting 225 members according to our bylaws. We’re more than just a spot for fishing and shooting; we’re all about promoting hunting, fishing, recruitment, and conservation through various events every year.

We team up with KY Fish and Wildlife for the Field to Fork program, the Kentuckiana Safari Club for the Apprentice Hunter & Anne Oakley Day, and Quail Forever’s Whistlers Event.

On top of that, we host trap shooting, 3D archery, and regularly meet with the League of Kentucky Sportsman’s 3rd District. Being a member means getting behind these causes.


You need a sponsor – a current member willing to vouch for you. Without a sponsor, your membership application won’t make it through the door. Once you’ve got someone on your side, they’ll give you the heads up when we’re taking in new applications. We don’t make a big announcement to the public about it, so having that inside connection is key.


We open the door for new members roughly once every five years, drawing in about 100 hopefuls each time. We pick names out of a hat to decide the waiting list order. At the start of the year, we work our way down the list, filling up spots until we’re at capacity. The number of openings varies but usually hovers around 10 new members a year.

The easiest way to get to know us is by joining in on our events. We’ve got everything from trap shooting to 3D archery, plus collaborative shindigs with KY Fish and Wildlife and local conservation clubs.

Just a heads up, though – don’t try to score a sponsor by posting on our Facebook page. We take our club seriously, and while you might be an awesome person, Facebook isn’t the place for us to get to know you.