Longbow and Compound Bows are Welcome

Come join the fun.

We have a 40-yard permanent outdoor archery range that accommodates all bows and crossbows. We also host multiple 30 target 3D shoots a year on our grounds. These shoots take place in a natural setting with realistic animal targets. For additional information about our 3D shoots, you can also see our Facebook page.

monthly Shoots

Monthly Sunday 3D archery shoots take place in the summer months. Registration starts at 8:00 AM each Sunday. Event Calendar

30 Lifesize targets

With over 30 targets placed in a natural setting, you can hone your skills as an archer in a safe and fun environment.

all ages welcome

Everyone is welcome to participate, even folks who are not members of the club. All we ask is that you are respectful of our rules and adhere to all safety guidelines.


How the Archery shoots works at the club. If you can’t find what you are looking for you can email Jason who leads the Archery shoots below.

You bet! You do not have to be a member of FCSC to participate in the shoots. All are welcome.

We announce the schedule for the shoots at the beginning of each year. All shoots are on Sunday with registration from 8AM-1PM. You can check the club calendar for exact dates.

Note* Everyone participating in the event must be registered by 1:00PM.

  • Adults – $12.00
  • Kids aged 7-15 – $6.00
  • Kids 6 and under shoot FREE

The last event of the year is in a collaboration with FCSC and Hunters for the Hungry. All proceeds from this shoot go to HFTH and the cost is reduced for the participants.

You can learn more about Hunters for the Hungry here.

Archery Rules

FCSC range rules and safety rules are always in effect on this range.   Not following them and the rules that follow can and will result in your dismissal from FCSC. 

  • FCSC Gun Safety Rules shall be used as a guide for proper range etiquette. (Hearing & eye protection not required.)
  • ABSOULUTELY NO GUNS may be shot on this range. Only bows and crossbows that are legal to use during KY archery and crossbow season may be used on this range.
  • BEFORE shooting target butts pull back weather covers.
  • AFTER you are finished shooting replace the weather covers.
  • Only field tips may be used on the target butts and bags. NO broadheads or practice broadheads are to be shot into target butts or bags. If you wish to shoot broadheads YOU must bring your own target and place it next to shooting butts, not in front of butts.
  • Crossbows may ONLY be shot at the bag target. Shooting the mesh target butts WILL result in damage or loss of your bolts.
  • People on the elevated platform ARE on the range. Under NO circumstances should someone’s arrow or bolt pass by the platform while it is occupied.
  • NO sky drawing. An arrow can go a long way when shot up, keep your bow pointed at the target while drawing and aiming your bow.
  • Shooting hours are during daylight hours. All ranges are closed during scheduled work days and during general business meetings.
  • Any damage incurred to arrows or bolts while using range is not the responsibility of Fern Creek Sportsman’s Club.
  • It is the responsibility of the member to keep abreast of any changes to rules. The large signs posted are for attention and only a summary.  These rules can be modified at any time by Fern Creek Sportsman’s Club to meet changing needs.  A current set of rules will be posted at the range, in the club house.