Tuesday June16th, 2020 – FCSC Club Update

I am in hope that you have been safe during this trying time.  Hopefully, we are closing in on the last days of this Coronavirus. A lot of lives have been changed and many families have seen much suffering. To those, they are in need of prayers and support.

We are thankful to know where the leak is in the lake. With hopes of having it repaired soon.

Meanwhile, we have seen a lot more use of the club and that is what it is there for.  However, we need to remind everyone that we are to be sure to stay safe. Not only with the social distancing, but safety first on all the ranges.

We have a report that some have not been as safety conscious and courteous as they should. Please be respectful to all that are on the ranges with you. Observe all safety rules and good common sense and courtesy. Be sure that not only you and your party have eye and hearing protection but that everyone else on the range does as well. Don’t shoot without allowing everyone, (even those who are just there to observe) to know that you are going to shoot and that the range is clear. Safety on the range must start in the shooting area first.

We are in hopes of starting back up the general meeting soon. I will send out an email as soon as we know that everyone will be safe.

Hope to see you soon on the ranges or near the water.

Gary Rogers